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Our Environmental Awareness

Proud of us!

At Appalachian Flooring, we are proud to be environmentally aware. Our manufacturing process is equipped to reduce our carbon footprint.

We diversify our efforts in order to increase our positive impact on the environment.

We optimize the use of natural resources by sourcing our raw materials exclusively from responsibly managed forestry operations.

We are focused on ensuring air quality for our employees and consumers by maintaining a VOC-free and formaldehyde-free production process, as well as being CARB Phase 2 compliant.

Planchers Des Appalaches Green Awarness

We choose to source our raw materials locally to cut down on carbon-based fuel consumption.

We transform our wood residue into energy which is used to kiln dry our lumber.

We will continue to show our support for ethical manufacturing practices through production optimization projects and investments in consumer and dealer education on product lifecyles.

Helping the planet…

Wood is a renewable natural resource unlike petroleum-based products, such as carpets, vinyl, and other synthetics. Wood does not release toxic pollutants into the air. In fact, forests help purify our air. During their growth, trees convert CO2 into oxygen. But once the trees reach maturity, the process stops. When a tree dies and rots in the forest, it releases all of its accumulated carbon dioxide into the environment.

Our hardwood floor is helping the planet!

Recycle, reduce


To minimize our environmental footprint, we have implemented a Zero Waste policy as a key element of our production.


Our main source of energy for our dryers and to heat our factories comes from our own chips and sawdust.


The sawdust that we do not use is sold to green log companies.

When you choose appalachian floors, you can be reassured that our policies are designed to protect the forest for coming generations, whether canadian or imported, we choose only timber from sustainably managed forests.