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Our Team

Inspired by nature

Our factories are located at the heart of the mountains that inspire us so much. It allows us to employ over 125 experts and enthusiasts from the region to manufacture our hardwood flooring.

A Quality Team

We believe that superior products begin with quality people and materials. Our experienced staff selects planks from the finest choice-grade hardwoods available and transform them into incomparable floors. Principles such as continuous improvement and drive for perfection allow us to provide every customer with the high-quality floor that they deserve.

That is why we manufacture all our hardwood flooring using state of the art machinery and apply strict quality control measures. Thanks to these principles, the Appalachian Flooring name has become synonymous with quality product and excellent Canadian Craftsmanship.

When you choose appalachian flooring, you can take comfort in knowing that our policies are designed to protect the forest for generations to come. whether canadian or imported, we choose only wood from sustainably managed forests.