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What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?

Some may think that an engineered floor is a type of laminate, or a type of product made inexpensively overseas. Appalachian engineered flooring is real hardwood flooring with a Baltic Birch core. This core gives the product greater stability than a traditional hardwood floor and allows longer and wider planks to be produced than by conventional methods. Engineered products can also be installed in basements, on radiant-heated floors and on concrete slabs, places where traditional hardwood floors are unsuitable.

Engineered wood

engineered wood flooring shema


  • Plywood core ensures maximum stability
  • Thick wear layer allows for multiple resandings
  • Diamond profiling for extreme precision
  • High quality finish options offered in various sheen levels
  • Finish flexibility protects wood in daily life
  • No VOC added in the production process
  • UV protection to reduce yellowing over time
  • Sawn lamella yields the same appearance as solid wood
  • Random length distribution just like solid wood
  • Average length greater than solid flooring

Solid Wood

solid hardwood flooring shema


  • Quality hardwood structure from well-managed forests
  • Precision machining for accurate profiling
  • Four-sided Micro-V
  • High-quality finishes available in several gloss levels
  • Flexible finish helps protect wood in everyday life
  • No VOCs added during production
  • UV protection to reduce yellowing over time
  • Random length distribution for a natural appearance
  • Planks chosen to reflect the beauty of the species

Engineered wood | Specifications

WARRANTY : 35-year residential, 5-year commercial

MADE IN : Canada and United States

THICKNESS : 11,4 mm | 18,4 mm

WIDTHS AVAILABLE : 4’’, 5’’ and 7’’

INSTALLATION : Nailed or glued

LEVEL : On, above and below grade

3 Levels House Engineered

RADIANT HEAT : Yes (Except Hickory)

Solid Wood | Specifications

WARRANTY : 35-year residential, limited 5-year commercial

MADE IN : Canada


WIDTHS AVAILABLE : 2 1/4’’, 3 1/4’’, 4 1/4’’


LEVEL : On and above grade. Non recommended on below grade