Touch-up Duo | Fill-stick + marker

Ideal for surface-level repairs and touch-ups, such as minor scratches, nicks and blemishes! Our touch-up duos include a factory touch-up marker and wax fill-stick that have been matched to your Appalachian floor.

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White Oak, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Hickory, Birch


Agate, Amaretto, Angora, Art Nouveau, Auburn, Avant-garde, Bauhaus, Beachsand, Beaux Arts, Biscotti, Borado, Brocade, Byzantine, Cappuccino, Chai, Chardonnay, Cinnamon, Clay, Cobalt, Cobblestone, Cotton, Damask, Dolomite, Earth, Fedora, Felt, Galena, Gothic, Gunstock, Honey, Jasper, Latte, Limestone, Linen, Madras, Medici, Mica, Millstone, Moderne, Moka, Natural, Neoclassic, Nickel, Opale, Pashmina, Pebble, Poesia, Poplin, Rococo, Rosewood, Safari, Sierra, Suede, Taupe, Toffee, Topaz, Travertine, Treebark, Usonian, Walnut